Medical AI Service

Data-driven precision healthcare

Medical AI Services

Data-driven precision healthcare

Empowered by AI and Big-data

Optimize Hospital Operations

Digital transformation towards a more efficient and cost effective operation with AI-empowered tools to help management make better decisions backed up by big-data.

Enhance Healthcare Quality

Physicians will have more time to care for their patients personally by utilizing AICS Medical AI solutions, our service streamlines the process retrieving information from massive amounts of scattered medical data.

Support Clinical Decisions

In combination with genetic information, electronic medical records, and heterogeneous database, our AI service provide clinical decision support, acting as reference point to assist physicians.



The world's first medical coding AI to capture the complete patient journey

Miraico, the ICD-10 AI coding assistant, uses advanced natural language understanding technology to analyze clinical terminology in medical records and automatically recommends the most relevant and accurate ICD-10 codes.

AICS Smart Medical Suite

Lumos - EMR Search Application

Lumos uses AI to generate structured information and provide a simple and intuitive search interface based on real-world medical data and integrating heterogeneous data scattered everywhere. It also helps hospitals to monitor and optimize medical quality indicators, assisting doctors to locate proper cohorts to generate real-world evidence (RWE) from data.

➡ Simple search engine interface with data results showcased in insightful visualization for easy reading
➡ Utilize big data analysis to verify research hypothesis easily, and to help hospital admins evaluate operational indicators
➡ Recruit patients quickly based on clinical criteria to improve medical care and reduce adverse drug reaction

Clinical Decision Support Services

With Artificial Intelligence (AI) functions, the platform supports users to make data-driven medical decisions and decrease the risk in medical processes. The AICS model agent is flexible, comprehensive, and able to integrate with various (HIS) hospital information systems, supporting hospitals to better deploy AI in their practices.

➡ AI provides predictions for high-risk events in various dimensions such as readmission, sepsis, and intubation… etc
➡ Proprietary patient representation technology and advanced AI model with state-of-the-art performance

Drug Safety Services

AICS drug safety service uses advanced machine learning algorithms, including natural language understanding, to prevent medication related errors. By acquiring physician prescribing patterns from millions of medical records, our software can recommend drugs that are appropriate for the patient’s current condition, and identify those that are in conflict. Since the software is continually learning and evolving with clinical practice, the quality and accuracy is maintained over time, avoiding alert fatigue that often plagues traditional rule-based systems.

➡ AI-assisted drug search and recommendation to improve prescription ordering efficiency and patient safety
➡ Validates compliance with insurance reimbursement requirements to reduce operating losses
➡ Remind physicians of drug indications and typical diagnostic codes when prescribed drug does not match patient profile to prevent prescribing inappropriate medication
➡ Automatically calculate drug dosage based on the patient’s biochemistry results, helping physicians to prescribe appropriate dosage for each patient

Health professionals
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Unlock the full potential

We partner with healthcare professionals and renowned medical institutions to provide data-driven solutions that empower physicians and hospitals with clinical insights and operational efficiencies that improve quality of care and reduce costs at the same time.

Our goal is to enable AI within hospitals, to help them utilize their massive amount of medical data and unlock its full potential. With accuracy, scalability and privacy as our top priority, AICS Medical Service is here to take smart medical to the next level.

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” The ICD Coding Assistant is a perfect tool to educate young physicians, by suggesting the correct code and acting as a reference, it helps to enhance both quality and quantity of the medical data collected, making the medical record more complete. Furthermore, even senior physicians can benefit greatly from the service.” 

Dr. Ching-Feng Cheng
Taipei Tzu Chi Hospital

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Data Security and integrity

Medical AI-based cloud services developed by ASUS Intelligent Cloud Services Center (AICS) - the AI software division of ASUS - have successfully obtained the ISO 27001:2013 certification for information security management. Additionally, the division has passed the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) compliance assessment.

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