Medical AI Service

Data-driven precision healthcare

Empowered by AI and Big-data

Optimize Hospital Operations

Digital transformation towards a more efficient and cost effective operation with AI-empowered tools to help management make better decisions backed up by big-data.

Enhance Healthcare Quality

Physicians will have more time to care for their patients personally by utilizing AICS Medical AI solutions, our service streamlines the process retrieving information from massive amounts of scattered medical data.

Support Clinical Decisions

In combination with genetic information, electronic medical records, and heterogeneous database, our AI service provide clinical decision support, acting as reference point to assist physicians.

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AICS Smart Medical Suite

ICD-10 Coding Assistant

ICD-10 Coding assistant combine heterogenous information hidden in EHR, and provide user-friendly features such as coding recommendation and spell check for physicians, nurses, coders, to improve quality of EHR and coding.

Our unified medical data platform connects disparate data sources with high efficiency and automation. It detects and removes personally identifiable information for AI models. The data pipeline connects to AI models with automated feedback loop that keeps AI performing with high accuracy and quality over time.

EMR Search

EMR Search connects and integrates hospital’s electronic medical record files, allowing users to easily fetch all kinds of medical data. Through simple and intuitive search methods, users can find patients easily and generate insights.

EMR Search uses ElasticSearch distributed search engine, which has high scalability, availability, and strong data processing performance, EMR Search aims to analyze medical data accurately in real time.

CDSS & Patient Representation

The AICS CDSS platform includes both BI and AI functions. BI helps users to understand the situation and reason, while AI provides the probability of risk in various dimensions such as readmission, sepsis and intubation… etc.

The platform supports users to make data-driven medical decision and decrease the risk in medical processes. The AICS model agent is flexible, comprehensive, and able to integrate with various (HIS) hospital information systems, supporting hospitals to better deploy AI in their practices.

Drug Safety Service

AICS Drug Safety Service enhances user productivity and improves patient safety. Natural language understanding and deep learning are applied to millions of physician orders to learn prescribing patterns. Not only does it recommends drugs pertaining to patient indication and diagnosis, but also flags medications that are in conflict.

Our drug data solution supports users in making informed medication decisions. Potentially inappropriate medications are identified by examining patient drug use and ADR records, the results are presented in a clean and comprehensive view.

Unlock the full potential

We partner with healthcare professionals and renowned medical institutions to provide data-driven solutions that empower physicians and hospitals with clinical insights and operational efficiencies that improve quality of care and reduce costs at the same time.

Our goal is to enable AI within hospitals, to help them utilize their massive amount of medical data and unlock its full potential. With accuracy, scalability and privacy as our top priority, AICS Medical Service is here to take smart medical to the next level.

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” The ICD Coding Assistant is a perfect tool to educate young physicians, by suggesting the correct code and acting as a reference, it helps to enhance both quality and quantity of the medical data collected, making the medical record more complete. Furthermore, even senior physicians can benefit greatly from the service.” 

Dr. Ching-Feng Cheng
Taipei Tzu Chi Hospital

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