Director of AI Research

AICS is a newly-founded division in ASUS to focus on AI software development. Our product will utilize latest AI advancement in fields including computer vision, speech recognition, and natural language understanding. The data we collect through our SaaS services may use the latest methodology in data mining and machine learning. It is important then that we conduct advanced research in these fields that addresses our short-term needs as well as long-term success. The current research capability includes AICS PhD students, leading scholars as consultants, and first-tier researchers. We are looking for a director-level candidate to build and lead this research group. 

In this role, you will recruit top-notch AI researchers, both in Taiwan and internationally. You will be in charge of the annual AICS PhD selection process. You will coordinate research activity among PhD students, consultants, researchers, and external partners. You will participate and be involved in the product roadmap discussion as input to the research directions. You will give talks in university campus and prestigious conferences to promote AICS. You will build this research group as a world-class one.  


  • Conduct cutting-edge research in CV, ASR, NLP, machine Learning and other related fields.
  • Author quality and peer-reviewed publications.
  • Coordinate research activity among consultants, PhD students, researchers, and external partners.
  • Recruit top-notch AI researchers.
  • Participate product roadmap discussion and pivot research direction towards user impact.


  • PhD in EE or CS, with specialization in computer vision, ASR, NLP, data mining, or machine learning.
  • Proven records of publications in high-impact conferences and journals.
  • Experience in building and leading a prolific research organization.
  • Passionate enthusiasm for product-centric research to improve customer experience.

Career at aics

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