Software Engineer - Computer Vision

We are the Computer Vision (CV) team of AICS. AICS is a newly formed software division with a start-up vibe, innovation, and sound growth mindset. We focus on providing SaaS and AI solutions for enterprises to solve the real problems for various industries. The CV team is working on algorithms and tools around practical application of computer vision that powers our AI cloud services. We are looking for software engineers to help solve challenging practical problems while building our products and services. You will be involved in all stages of R&D, including problem definition, AI/ML system design, model training, and solution analysis.

  • Perform research to make deep learning more applicable to real-world problems.
  • To research and develop cutting-edge deep learning/computer vision technology for resolving challenging problems.
  • To design and run prototypes, including designing and evaluating new algorithms as well as implementing known algorithms.
  • Research new ideas in computer vision, find insights to support business decisions.

  • Solid understanding of CS fundamentals.
  • Programing experience with C++/Java/Python or equivalent.
  • Experience with deep learning and computer vision.
  • Practical experience with deep learning platforms, such as TensorFlow.
  • Ability to work independently and ramp-up to new areas quickly.
  • Good skills in paper reading and the ability to implement it.

Career at aics

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