Taiwan is set to become a “super-aged” society by 2025, meaning that one in five citizens will be 65 and above. To serve the graying population, the National Health Research Institutes and tech giant ASUS will build an AI supercomputer focused on biomedicine. The project will integrate a wealth of biomedical big data to provide smarter medical care to patients.

Amid the rise of precision medicine and smart health care, the National Health Research Institutes and ASUS have signed a letter of intent to build Taiwan’s first-ever AI supercomputer dedicated to biomedicine.

Jonney Shih / Asus chair
We are constructing AI computing infrastructure for important life science research in the post-pandemic era, such as vaccine development, genetic analysis, and medical big data. We will continue to provide a first-class AI software platform for the AI supercomputer project.

This medical information platform will host information on genetics and cancer drugs. The hope is that in the future, it can use clinical research data to promote the development of the domestic AI biomedicine industry.

Sytwu Huey-kang / National Health Research Institutes
There is important clinical information relating to cancer patients, data on medications, post-recovery reactions, all antibiotics in Taiwan, patients who are resistant to drugs, and other relevant information. We’ve gathered together over 80,000 important disease strains. This is all crucial biomedical data.

Chiu Tai-yuan / Health minister
By continuously accumulating real-world data, we can establish all kinds of correlation patterns and trends relating to health and diseases, as well as accelerate the development and approval process of future medications, so that every single person can obtain even more accurate and personalized treatments and medical advice.

Taiwan is set to become a super-aged society by 2025. Now with a dedicated next-generation data bank, high-risk groups – such as people with cancer genes and chronic diseases – can receive smarter and more comprehensive health care.

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