Computer Vision

The era of computer vision has come


Computer vision empowers machines to have a sense of sight. It is also a primary research field of artificial intelligence. Our goal is to combine modern deep learning technology and computer vision techniques to understand what is seen, and provide services that possess the ability to take intelligent actions. The primary capabilities are: face detection, verification and identification, anti-spoofing, person re-id, human pose estimation, optimized object detection on edge devices, facial attributes extraction, and unique people counting.


High Accuracy

World-leading AI technology to accurately and robust facial identification in challenging environments.

Fast Inference Time

Optimized for real-time applications with enterprise-grade hardware to operate at the speed and scale.

Ease of Deployment & Integration

Plug-in facial recognition capability with existing infrastructure and systems through API/Webhook.

Use Cases


Road traffic detection, driver monitoring, and personalized driver coaching.


Automated optical inspection, AI factory safety guard, and in-process assembly inspector.


Identify persons of interest and track their paths through time and space for access management.


Medical imaging analysis and medication effectiveness.


Identify VIPs for personalized experiences.

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