Natural Language Processing

Use human language to interact and access data without barriers


Natural language processing (NLP) and natural language understanding (NLU) have been the most difficult topics in artificial intelligence. AICS is pleased to present you with a set of NLP/NLU tools for developing natural language-based applications and a natural language to database access (NL2DA) solution that allows you to use human language to access data without any barriers.


World #2 in Spider Challenge

Our NL2DA solution is currently ranked second in Spider Challenge by Yale University. It has been one of the most popular contests in the natural language solution development area.

Supporting Deep-NLU/XAI-based Applications

Enable deep NLU and explainable AI (XAI) capability for next-generation applications.

2nd place in Formosa Grand Challenge

Our team’s NLP/NLU technology won the final competition of "2019 Formosa Grand Challenge – Talk to AI" hosted by the Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST) Taiwan.

Powered by GIRN

Our NL2DA solution based on GIRN, learns the representation with graph neural networks, synthesizes SQL from intermediate representation with substantial reduction in search space.

Use Cases

Natural Language to SQL Query

You can query data in natural language speech/text. Only by this, you truly own your data.

Smarter Chatbots

Eliminate redundant questions from customers, and optimize your customer support processes.

Marketing Intelligence

Learn what customers are saying about you, your products and your competitors.

Healthcare Intelligence

Process text data in electronic medical records, improve disease prediction and medication effectiveness.

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