Speech Recognition

Easily convert speech into text for natural communication


AICS speech recognition API uses an advanced deep learning neural network model to provide accurate and fast speech recognition, making it easy to convert speech into corresponding text messages. Applications such as voice command and controls, voice messages to text, and human-machine conversations can be developed quickly and easily using this API. This API is AICS’s self-made voice recognition service, and as we improve the internal speech recognition technology, the product will continue to improve over time.


Core Technology - Speech Recognition
High Accuracy

AICS Speech Recognition API is based on a deep learning neural network to power your applications. With more and more data and algorithm improvements, the accuracy of speech recognition has significantly improved.

Core Technology - Speech Recognition
Streaming Transcription

This API can process the voice of continuous audio streams, and immediately return the recognized text. The partial recognition result is available at any time during the streaming process.

Core Technology - Speech Recognition
Real Time Response

The recognition response time is less than 200ms. Enable your application to communicate with users more smoothly and instantly.

Core Technology - Speech Recognition
Model Selection

Based on a large number of vertical domain corpora, we continue to train the models. Currently, we offer options in English, Chinese and Bi-lingual models. You may find the best fit for your applications.

Use Cases

Core Technology - Speech Recognition
Voice Commands and Search

Convert a user’s voice command or voice search into text.

Core Technology - Speech Recognition
Voice Messages to Text

Convert the user's voice into text information for social chat applications.

Core Technology - Speech Recognition
Human-Machine Conversations

Convert user’s voice input into text information to enhance the interactive experience.

Core Technology - Data Analytics

Medical transcription or dictation applications.

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