Asus has primarily been recognized for its laptops, but now the company aims to digitize the global healthcare systems, which is also crucial for the future of Taiwan.


“We strongly believe in the transformative potential of emerging technologies,” states Jonney Shih, Chairman of the computer company that recruited Huang a few years ago. “The integration of information and communication technologies in the healthcare sector will inevitably make precision medicine accessible to all individuals.”

Taiwanese tech giant Asus is expanding its business into the field of smart healthcare. Asus, known for its laptops, gaming computers, and graphics cards, aims to revolutionize healthcare by offering integrated solutions supported by artificial intelligence (AI) and other technologies. The company plans to create a new ecosystem for healthcare that includes data generation, analysis, and accessibility for all stakeholders in the system. Asus envisions a future where precision medicine is accessible to everyone. The company’s task force is developing an open platform called xHIS, a next-generation healthcare information system, that uses AI to derive insights from healthcare data. Asus has already designed wearable devices and handheld ultrasound machines to collect patient data and intends to provide personalized treatment recommendations based on AI analysis. The company recognizes the challenges of entering the healthcare market but believes in the transformative power of new technologies. Asus aims to scale its smart healthcare system beyond Taiwan and become a global player in the healthcare industry.

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Journalist: Inge Kloepfer

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