AICS xHIS Cloud Platform as Role Model in Medical Resource Sharing, Compliance

Based on major smart healthcare development trends observed during AICS’s participation in building hospital systems, Wu believes that the greatest challenge and bottleneck faced by hospitals are the dispersion of large volumes of data across different locations and data silos issues due to heterogeneous formats. Therefore, to solve the issues, AICS focus on providing and establishing smart healthcare information and hybrid cloud platforms. By revolutionizing cloud architecture, AICS works to change the rules of the game.

To address data silos issues, ASUS xHIS platform, a healthcare cloud platform, is used for developing information systems for hospitals. Standardized data formats that conform to international norms are established, allowing doctors and professionals to design different types of AI software on the platform that can create and share standardized processes for medical images and data. As a result, collaborations on medical image data with international startups that offer innovative technologies can be formed on the platform. Such innovative technologies can provide timely and legally compliant solutions to improve hospital procedures, thereby completing the construction of a smart healthcare ecosystem.

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