ASUS Intelligent Cloud Services (AICS) is dedicated to investing in the development of computer science and biomedicine student talents. Through programs such as the HuaYang Initiative with National Yang Ming Chiao Tung University and the unique AICS PhD Program, ASUS has created a comprehensive industry-academia collaboration platform that is producing real-world results.

Yu-Chiang Frank Wang, a professor in the Electrical Engineering department at National Taiwan University and an AICS AI advisory consultant, is actively co-developing pioneering technologies with AICS engineers and AICS PhD Program students. Several of the research papers written in this collaborative process involving professors, engineers and students have been presented in top-tier international academic conferences[1], including the Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition (CVPR) as well as the International Conference on Computer Vision (ICCV). Innovations based on these research papers have been incorporated into AICS solutions such as Medical AI applications and EHS Management Service.

“AI is making the leap from academic research to industrial applications,” says Dr. Tai-Yi Huang, ASUSTeK Corporate Vice President and Head of AICS. “The AICS PhD Program is dedicated to supporting high-caliber talents and developing deep collaboration and integration between high-level academic researchers and the AI industry,” Huang explains. “We’re creating a unique workforce to pioneer digital transformation and to enhance Taiwan’s global competitiveness.”

“Taiwan has a solid foundation when it comes to the cultivation of AI talents, rivaling that of foreign counterparts,” says professor Yu-Chiang Frank Wang. “However, the key to AI development and breakthroughs is the acquisition and application of data. Development can be stifled if there is a lack of suitable application fields, appropriate data, or if the costs related to data collection become prohibitive,” Wang explains. “ASUS provides extensive amounts of valuable data and other resources needed to develop practical AI applications, enabling exceptional AICS research that is recognized in academic circles and also leveraged for creating real-world solutions, further accelerating the development and implementation of AI technologies. This forms a positive cycle in the development of computer science and engineering talents at the Ph.D. level.”

ASUS continues to recruit top research talents to join its ranks. Selected PhD Program candidates will be awarded a full-time paid position with ASUS during their four-year academic period, and they will also have the opportunity to receive bonuses and travel subsidies for research papers presented in top global conferences. Based on experiences of current AICS PhD Program students, the resources and accessibility to practical field data provided by ASUS have allowed them to make research breakthroughs that may not have otherwise been possible in other academic settings. Moreover, participants get to interact with top-tier tech talents in an international environment, potentially expanding the influence of their research beyond an academic setting.

Along with the PhD Program, AICS offers a paid summer internship, which has an application deadline of April 30, 2021. For more information, visit

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