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Healthcare AI Solutions


Next-generation hospital system for digitally-enabled and AI-powered era

ASUS Miraico

World's first ICD-10 AI coding assistant to capture the complete patient journey

ASUS Lumos

Powerful EMR search platform generating RWE from medical data

ASUS Blade

AI-powered software assistant to analyze peripheral blood film cell review and reporting

Drug Safety Service

Drug search and recommendation system to improve efficiency and safety

ASUS Oncor

AI-powered extractor to convert unstructured data into clinical insight

Personal Healthcare

Personal healthcare mobile application to provide customized AI services

Data Security and Integrity

ASUS Intelligent Cloud Services (AICS) has obtained ISO 27001, ISO 27701, ISO 27017, ISO 27018 certifications for information security management, aligning with the latest and most advanced international standards and regulations. Additionally, AICS has passed the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) compliance assessment.

ISO 27001 for Information Security Management
ISO 27701 for Privacy Information Management
ISO 27017 for Information Security Control for Cloud Services
ISO 27018 for Personally Identifiable Information (PII) Protection in Public Clouds

Healthcare Partnerships

Partnership Hospitals
Healthcare Users

Core Technologies

Computer Vision

Facial recognition. People counting. Object tracking. Medical image analysis.

Data Analytics

Data unification, classification, and prediction. Detection and deep learning.

Speech Recognition

Voice dialing. Call routing. Domotic appliance control. Keyword search.


Chinese word segmentation. Part-of-speech tagging. Text categorization.

Research to Advance AI

We establish a program that enables our research scientists, product developers, PhD students, and consultants to work together on cutting-edge AI research, resulting in academic papers published in top-tier conferences and transferred into AICS medical solutions.

Join us and build a future with AI-empowered healthcare

Core Technologies

Computer Vision

Facial recognition, People counting, Object tracking, Medical image analysis.

Data Analytics

Data unification, Classification, Prediction, Detection and Online deep learning.

Speech Recognition

Voice dialing, Call routing, Domotic appliance control, Keyword search.


Chinese word segmentation, Part-of-speech tagging, Text categorization.